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Past the Tassel: Student experiences finding post-graduate employment vary, reflect uneven career-preparedness

UW students face changing interests, assorted recruitment cycles, other challenges when entering workforce


UW System tuition raise pushes cost of over-admission to students, STEM majors

In-state tuition spike to hit STEM students hard, consequence of inflated freshman classes

UW-Madison Campus

UW Board of Regents approves 4% in-state tuition increase

Out-of-state tuition, segregated fees to rise by 3%

Letter to the Editor

UW Law School must explore cohort tuition system to increase transparency about education costs

Amid rising education costs, UW Law School must provide students with upfront tuition information


‘In your hands:’ UW pushes forward through uncertain financial future amid frozen tuition, declining state investment

As Blank leaves behind a decade-worth of attempts to shift UW’s financial model, it is up to new leadership to piece together university’s budget


With Blank leaving, here is what we need in our next chancellor

In age of online learning we need someone fiscally responsible, adept with modern technologies


Cash Cows or Campus Community Members?: The international student experience at UW

UW risks abandoning its international students


Neutral funding: Behind the ideologies that determine which student orgs get how much tuition money

To Supreme Court, back, an ASM committee approves student org budgets, delegates tuition funds

UW-Madison Campus

UW extends full tuition reinbursment date by one week

Students now have until Sept. 18 to withdraw from classes, recieve full tuition refund


The Tuition Dilemma: students, universities grapple with budget cuts, increased tuition

While universities attempt to mitigate money loss, students struggle with the idea of paying for Zoom University

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