Vamping nuclear weaponry production sends wrong message to allies, enemies

Trump's new, expensive nuclear production policy emphasizes our devotion to eventual nuclear weapon usage


Admitting racist past is America’s first step towards justice

History of denial impedes potential improvement of race relations in U.S.


DACA battle reveals dangerous implications of government without checks and balances

Abusing the roles of the Supreme Court, Congress, shows Trump administration's political ineptitude


Point Counterpoint: Even a year after Trump elected, he still wants to make America great again

Trump's original campaign message has never been lost from his presidency even a year after he was elected


Point Counterpoint: After a calendar year of Trump, all our fears about his inadequacy have been realized

Immaturity, incredulousness, backwards and haphazard legislation and botched diplomacy are among the results of Trump's presidency thus far.


Proud Boys emblematic of rampant misogyny in America

For far too long have women been subjected to male-dominated rhetoric relegating them to a role as demure housewife


Recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital first, and likely last, correct Trump policy of 2017

Capital announcement a first step towards a peace-carrying two-state solution for the Middle East


Why the Trump administration is wrong about NAFTA

Statistically, the U.S. has benefitted immensely from NAFTA, so let's leave it alone


Point Counterpoint: Tax reform a victory for middle class Americans

Get ready for a new period of economic boom as wages, growth and employment soar


Wisconsin Republican’s response to indictments paint bleak future for Republican party, country

The Failure of Republicans like Johnson and Ryan to see the enormity of Mueller’s indictments sets low expectations for inner party accountability in the future