UW-Madison Campus

Smart Cities Competition selects 14 UW Madison students as first round winners

Foxconn sponsored competition encourages technological innovation, collaboration


Professors are right — taking notes by hand leads to greater comprehension, learning in class

Though banning laptops seems juvenile, taking notes by hand eliminates distractions, making lectures more conducive for learning


Midwestern charm combined with urban atmosphere makes Madison role model for other Wisconsin cities

As Wisconsin quickly loses young college graduates to other states, Madison boasts highest concentration of millennial talent in country


Recent Facebook scandal prompts need for government regulation of large tech companies

Websites like Facebook should be seen, regulated like public utilities


Mobile health app for substance use disorders priority for healthcare, essential for Americans

New technology tears down barriers for recovering addicts regardless of socioeconomic status


New chat tool designed to ease privacy concerns could have far-reaching applications

Application has chance to revolutionize understanding of complex documents, but may negatively impact dependence on technology

UW-Madison Campus

Technology developed by UW Hospital professor could revolutionize decision-making process of doctors

Digital Intern software has potential to allow doctors to manage more patients, cut down costs


Online courses only beneficial for certain demographics, prompting self-reflection

Recent studies show technology often hinders academic success for disavantaged students


Smartphones give us an easy, dangerous escape from reality

Our addiction to smartphones is moving human progress backward, not forward


Craps on Campus: Discovering a letdown at the Wisconsin Institute of Discovery

Overall a shitty experience for a normal bathroom