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Hooked Up: College students navigate social pressure to participate in casual sex

Sexual education about consent, safety is essential for student wellbeing

UW-Madison Campus

UW students call for action from university after release of racist video

UW says administration is aware of video, processing bias reports


Point-counterpoint: Platforming controversial speakers

Recent 60 Minutes interview with Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene raises debate over role of media, free speech


Among many criticisms, Utah social media law imposes sweeping First Amendment restrictions

Though intended to protect minors on social media, Utah law may unconstitutionally prevent some adults from accessing digital content

Science News

Science communication professor speaks on misinformation in age of COVID-19

Attempting to correct misinformation can have adverse effects, professor says


Reboot of the Ugg boot

One fashion trend that is able to rise above, avoid typical trend cycle


YikYak unveils new video sharing update

How video sharing might transform app with problematic history


Review: Short films by students lack emotional prowess of great cinematic productions

Films presented at Wisconsin Film Festival bare resemblance to social media and modern media trends, contributing to weaker emotional responses from audiences

State of Wisconsin

Fact or Fiction: Worsening misinformation spread poses dangerous implications for society

While misinformation has existed throughout history, the evolving media landscape leaves people susceptible to misinformation like never before

Science News

UW researcher goes viral with astrobiology TikToks

Lena Vincent began making TikToks this past summer, now has over 200,000 followers

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