To hold politicians accountable for sexual assault, settlement transparency crucial

Keeping hush money records confidential only perpetuates a culture of secrecy and dominance


Two-party system perpetuates false information and half truths

Picking facts instead of picking your position is harmful to discourse, political climate


The new era of populism gives the people what they want

Rise of populist movements in Europe, America show people's disillusion with mediocre policies that compromise on too much


Havens Center award to communist misplaced, condones atrocities committed in name of ideology

Tariq Ali's sympathetic stance towards communist ideology that killed millions does not deserve any award from UW


Why, and how, to get informed about what’s going on in government

Americans need to take the time to become more educated about their own government


Trump’s national security team brings safety back to America

Including military personnel in the Cabinet gives our country hope for foreign policy success

City of Madison

‘Short, succinct’: One Wisconsin Now talks how to get message of change across to society

Community members should want to inspire others to achieve social change, members of local issue advocacy group said

UW-Madison Campus

The rise of populism, nationalism isn’t a Trump phenomenon, experts say

Gerard Alexander said people have began to use 'populism' as negative term for arguments they don't like

UW-Madison Campus

Wisconsin political reporters hand down advice in turbulent times for journalism

Journalists covering state beat discussed importance of reporting on government, politics


Students must turn to Zach Wood as their voice on Madison’s City Council

Wood deserves to continue serving Madison, UW on Madison City Council