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Why co-chief of film critique at New York Times is stepping down

Aggressive fanbases, propagandized algorithms, declining audiences tarnish industry


Democrats’ new primary schedule better serves racially diverse electorate

Upending decades of tradition, new schedule changes primary landscape, recalibrates campaign tactics


Trusting election procedures: What to remember during midterm tallies

Reliable counting procedures, election regulations may delay results


Wordle players loot NYT headquarters after Wordle set as ‘GULLY’

'Shut your damn mouth,' protester says to NYT chief puzzle maker

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New York Times opinion columnist shares his journey, writing process

'I generally just want people to come away from reading me feeling that they have learned something new,' Bouie says

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‘Chorus of pressure’: Washington Post opinion columnist Catherine Rampell’s rise to journalistic prominence

‘I hope my legacy is that I nudged policy in a slightly better direction – that is what I aspire to do every time I write,’ Rampell says

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Nontraditional student rates could rise as result of programs expanding during pandemic

Student service coordinator with UW special student programs hopeful about expansion


New documentary “Framing Britney Spears” brings the #FreeBritney movement to the forefront

How the entertainment industry failed women struggling with mental health

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The New York Times reports Trump spent decade pursuing projects in China

New information has potential to influence discourse surrounding China during last leg of election cycle, UW expert says

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State of Wisconsin

Eight Wisconsin cities make New York Times’ list of areas with fastest growing COVID-19 cases

All cities on list contain UW affiliate schools

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