Artists who emphasize mind, body positivity needed now more than ever

Music has natural ability to move audiences, messages of sound mind, body increase that impact twofold


‘Going to college’ isn’t so simple for those struggling with mental illness

Taking care of yourself is the first part in succeeding not just in college, but in life

Letter to the Editor

Mental health awareness education must be required for all students in health care

Suicide prevalence in Wisconsin is only growing, UW must implement widespread orientations

City of Madison

Mental health advocates discuss alternatives to incarcerating the mentally ill

Attendees expressed discontent with current treatment of mentally ill in Dane County legal system


Everyone can benefit from counseling, regardless of mental health status

We all have off days — therapy shouldn't be stigmatized


Even in the absence of visual evidence, mental illness is often as crippling as physical disability

Depression, among other psychological conditions, can be marginalizing

UW-Madison Campus

Mental health a high priority for UHS in upcoming budget

UHS plans to increase funding request for mental health services

UW-Madison Campus

UW Law School looks to de-stigmatize mental illness among graduate students

WisLAP program, volunteers seek to help those struggling with stress

UW-Madison Campus

UHS strives to address needs of students with mental health concerns despite being understaffed, underfunded

UW saw an 11 percent increase in clients seeking help for mental health related issues between the 2014 and 2015 academic year

City of Madison

City considers bringing back transitional housing project to support young men of color

Soglin's proposal to create men's dormitory would mirror similar program from '90s