UW-Madison Campus

Seeking greater inclusivity, UHS hires Mandarin speaking counselor

Wei-Chiao Hsu seeks to enhance connections among international students adjusting to UW campus


UHS is listening. So let’s talk.

Recent additions to staff, expansion of supplemental programs show commitment to improving mental health services

City of Madison

Local art-based mental health program looks to broaden reach, collaborate with UW

UHS 'definitely' interested in promoting Cornucopia’s peer-run approach among students


The kids are not alright

After attempted suicide at Copper Lake juvenile facility, Wisconsin must look at rehabilitation instead of punishment


UW study proves children deserve better than current gun culture

Correlation between presence of firearms, child depression cause for gun control, stricter regulations

City of Madison

Hospital adds two new programs for those suffering with PTSD, mood disorders

Starting March 12, new treatments will join OCD, anxiety, eating disorder therapies


Crisis center needed in Madison to keep mentally ill from unjust incarceration

Mental illness extremely common, law must deal with it differently


On campus, normalization of stress, sleep-deprivation, out-of-control schedules destroys our health

We need to change our rhetoric regarding what it means to be a successful student

UW-Madison Campus

UHS reflects on impact of 24/7 online mental health resource

SilverCloud provides users with confidential, accessible management of mild symptoms

State of Wisconsin

Suicide, psychiatric hospitalization increase among Wisconsin youths, beat national average

Mental health experts dissect report’s findings, discuss potential reasoning, solutions