The best movies about journalism of all-time

Decades old journalism movies have slipped below young adults' radar, been forgotten


Editorial Board: #HomeIsWhereWIArent — a hard truth, a call to action for media

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Expert panel discusses ethics of immigration reporting

Varied group of experts agreed on importance of ethical language in immigration reporting


On media violence and the truths we don’t tell

A reflection on broken stories and how we can fix them


An informed citizenry, a dynamic democracy: Fighting political misinformation

Spread of misinformation on social media threatens freedom of information


Local news has a global impact

As corporations consume and corrupt local newpapers, the integrity of democracy is jeopardized

UW-Madison Campus

Reporters should be biased in today’s world, lecturer says

Jeremy Scahill emphasized importance of holding government accountable, role of young people in shaping new political precedent


Journalism education emphasizes transparency, ethics, accuracy, not deceit, bias

Suggesting that factual inaccuracies, bias rule journalism industry is preposterous

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Charlie Sykes meets with students, faculty to discuss journalism, conservatism

Former radio talkshow host discussed role of media in politics


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