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Science News

Wisconsin professors discuss changing information landscape in age of AI

Where there is more information than ever, journalists need to level playing field, experts say


Ableism, inaccessibility prevail in field of journalism

Despite strides in other aspects of diversity, journalism perpetuates ableism, must make space for disabled reporters


Point-Counterpoint: News414, the future of journalism

New media platform transforms world of news distribution

UW-Madison Campus

NBC correspondent Pete Williams discusses time covering Supreme Court

Center for Journalism Ethics hosts Williams at Memorial Union


Tim Michels’ response to Sentinel piece reveals troubling attitudes toward free press

Trump Republicans demonstrate consistent hostility toward legitimate journalism, free press

UW-Madison Campus

‘Chorus of pressure’: Washington Post opinion columnist Catherine Rampell’s rise to journalistic prominence

‘I hope my legacy is that I nudged policy in a slightly better direction – that is what I aspire to do every time I write,’ Rampell says


Alden Global Capital’s bid for Lee Enterprises suppresses local journalism and democracy

Vulture hedge fund's potential takeover of independent news organization could create news deserts if public fail to react


People of UW: Moda magazine editor-in-chief shares what fashion means to her

Stories of Students: Come back every Friday for more stories about students making a difference on campus


Sense of forgiveness: Former ‘Seinfeld’ writer reflects on cancel culture, making it in writing

The Badger Herald cameos in writer's most recent novel

State of Wisconsin

New COVID-19 Connect app provides information, support to Wisconsin residents

App includes focuses on healing physically, coping mentally with virus