Overdue: As the city expands affordable housing, barriers for those in need persist

While the federal government contemplates a comprehensive definition for homelessness, a low vacancy rate and towering rent keep low-income individuals on the street

City of Madison

Madison’s total property value exceeds Milwaukee’s for first time ever

Milwaukee city officials say their lower value results from unique challenges faced by city, aftermath of Great Recession


Unfair treatment by leasing companies prompts need for student-tenant union

Upsetting power dynamics through a collectivist approach may be the first step to solving landlord-tenant conflicts

City of Madison

Madison on track to achieve affordable housing goal with recent approval of nearly 300 new units

Tax credits boost city’s trajectory in reaching five-year goal


The Badger Herald Editorial Board endorses Zach Wood for City Council

As a UW alum, Wood's deep understanding of the needs of his constituents, innovative mind, tangible solutions render him perfect fit

UW-Madison Campus

UW provides critical services for student-parents to continue pursuing higher education

Funding from non-allocable seg fees, support from campus offices help send children of students to day care centers


Q&A: Kiki’s House of Righteous Music is home away from home for touring band

Part of Madison's DIY venue scene, residence on MacArthur Rd. is much more than living space


Don’t fall into trap of ‘before it’s too late’ campaigns

Roommate compatability, standard of living both important to consider when signing leases


Big management companies keep rent high

Housing for a five bedroom at UW is commonly $3200, in Minnesota it can be $1000 less

City of Madison

State organization gives grants to fund special needs housing projects in Madison

Women in Transition work to fix flooring to better serve clients