The danger of the status quo: How Wisconsin institutions maintain white supremacy

UW's messaging may support BIPOC, but actions embrace white-centric status quo

State Capitol, Madison, State Capitol, Carroll St,

Wisconsin should push for ‘Democracy in the Park’ to ensure efficient election come November

As USPS experiences delays in processing ballots, additional mailing locations may be answer to ensure all ballots are processed in time


Recording of Evers, Republican lawmakers raises ethical questions beyond one-party consent

Secret recording of meeting between Evers, Republican officials creates heightened tensions which may be detrimental come November


Point Counterpoint: Gov. Evers’ political redistricting will give power back to masses

Evers' efforts to be transparent during new nonpartisan redistricting will combat Republicans' legacy of secrecy, corruption


Point Counterpoint: Why you should join UW College Republicans

College Republicans presents unique opportunities for career-building, finding a community


Stick with what you know: Walker finds another way to subvert our electoral democracy

Walker's move to join GOP redistricting group shows his commitment to ensuring GOP maintains unconstitutional control

State of Wisconsin

Democratic Party of Wisconsin files lawsuit against lame-duck legislation

DPW's is fourth such case filed against lame-duck policies


Veracious ad campaign targeting Paul Ryan’s stance on DACA encourages voter action

Corporate interests, upcoming elections have dictated governmental action — time to speak up


Sweeping tax cut could lead to Republican victory in 2018, 2020

Patterns of radical tax reform and subsequent GOP success could be on the horizon in upcoming elections


Paul Ryan doesn’t deserve criticism from members of his own party

As one of the most influential, successful members of Congress, Ryan is more than doing his job for the Republican party

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