UW-Madison Campus

New York Times journalist visits UW campus, discusses environmental policy

Eric Lipton goes in-depth into the Trump administration's policy regarding pollutants, pesticides


Ban on plastic straws, cutlery barely scratches surface of municipal waste reduction

Positive environmental policy can only be achieved through structural changes


Months before historic flooding, Republicans put Foxconn first, environment second

Deregulation this year filled in one of Wisconsin's last natural defenses against flooding, prompting serious need to rethink environmental policy

City of Madison

Dane County to implement lake clean-up effort, reconstruct runoff-hindering detention pond

Parisi estimates environmental effort will stop nearly 200 pounds of phosphorus from entering nearby lakes


Biggest threat to environment is Trump — but UW stands in his way

UW's continued commitment to environment in the face of Trump's disregard encouraging, reassuring

UW-Madison Campus

It’s getting worse: Author, biologist says ecological conditions fared better in 1960s

Sandra Steingraber called on people to live 'heroically,' limit effects of climate change


Walker doesn’t care about environment, but luckily, Madison does

Madison is beacon for change as Walker attempts to dismantle Wisconsin's legacy of environmental protection


Profit favored over conservation in Wisconsin State Assembly’s restriction rollback

Bill 547 cuts valuable protections on wetlands, valuable habitats for Wisconsin wildlife


Can carbon be used for clean energy? One UW professor says it’s possible

Research is still being developed, professor said


People, not the fall of capitalism, hold the key to climate change

The stakes of inaction are high, people must take responsibility to protect our planet