UW-Madison Campus

Students should worry about debt crisis, speaker says

Boccia said if students care about financial security, economic success then they should care about national debt


Despite controversial first year, improving economy may catapult Trump to second term

Based on State of the Union polls, Trump's political career could make it past 2020

UW-Madison Campus

Foxconn subsidies good for Wisconsin economy, visiting professor says

Taylor emphasized the importance of policies on the state economy


A new era of tax cuts is essential for American prosperity

Analyzing cuts of presidents past shows best way to help the American people is to let them keep their money

State of Wisconsin

Mike Pence stomps on Obamacare, praises Wisconsin businesses in Janesville visit

Republican leaders focused on health care reform, need to find 'shared values'

State of Wisconsin

College Republicans, Democrats debate election issues

Debate topics include education, foreign policy, economics


Washington state has the perfect solution to global warming

Bill would reduce carbon emissions without damaging economy — what more could you want?


The median household income is rising. Here’s why it matters to students

Income of $56,516 is highest since 2007, represents a 5.2 percent increase from 2014

UW System

Regents approve $42.5 million budget focused on developing workforce, college affordability

UW System approved millions in funding to increase college enrollment, affordability

State of Wisconsin

Ann Coulter stumps with Paul Ryan primary challenger in Janesville

Nehlen campaign parallels Trump's emotionally fueled anti-immigrant positions