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Wisconsin Supreme Court rejects DEI training proposal, fails legal community

Rejection of DEI training proposal will have long-lasting impacts on justice system


Evers must do more to protect UW System

Despite Evers' partial-veto targeting DEI funding, Republicans continue to threaten UW System


Diversity needed to further conservation field

Conservation must include more diverse voices from people of color to truly enact change


Republican attack on UW System DEI initiatives puts students in danger

Republicans pulling funding from UW System is direct threat to DEI initiatives on college campuses, putting communities at risk

State of Wisconsin

Student disapprove of Robin Vos’ suggestion to eliminate DEI offices at UW

Vos implies UW System budget cuts if requests aren't met

Science News

DEI interns measure imposter phenomenon within UW Biocore Program, find promising results

Undergraduate research interns find low levels of imposter phenomenon within program compared to similar programs


Eric Wilcots to serve as interim provost at UW

Wilcots will replace former Provost John Karl Scholz until permanent provost is appointed

UW-Madison Campus

Amazon executive, Milwaukee Bucks DEI manager speak on corporate activism at TEDxUWMadison

TEDx hosts local events to provide TED-like experience for community

UW-Madison Campus

Wisconsin School of Business highlights future business leaders in new campaign

Campaign features twenty students at different stages of educational journeys

UW-Madison Campus

Moda Magazine addresses controversial ‘Vicious’ issue at town hall meeting, promises structural changes

Semesterly print issue criticized as tone deaf, shows lack of diversity, need for change within organization, students say