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Corporate Pride collections represent performative LGBTQ+ activism

Large companies tout support for LGBTQ+ community while failing to offer financial, political backing


Renting a private island to escape COVID-19: Reason #4938429 why we should eat the rich

Kim K’s tropical adventure reminds us there’s always that ~other~ option


Finding hope in panic: Youth turn to desperation to save the Earth

Facing increasing instability, inaction from those in power, youth are leading climate change movement to hold on to any hope for their future


More wealth inequality, more problems: Wisconsin’s middle class deserves lower taxes and higher wages

Measures in Evers' budget proposal designed to address wealth inequality will benefit all Wisconsinites, economy as a whole

UW-Madison Campus

Campus Socialist organization discusses shortcomings of capitalism through book analysis

Speakers focused on important intersections by analyzing Sharon Smith's novel 'Women and Socialism: Class, Race, and Capital'


People, not the fall of capitalism, hold the key to climate change

The stakes of inaction are high, people must take responsibility to protect our planet

UW-Madison Campus

Large problems of capitalism can be solved through small farms, speaker says

To fix climate problems, says individuals need to realize they are not separate from nature

UW-Madison Campus

Democratic Socialists of America look to dispel myths around socialism, urge need to rethink capitalism

Madison chapter said capitalism creates 'enormous wealth for few, terrible hardships, toil for many'


Trump’s first month as president-elect proves just how uncertain the GOP’s future will be

Traditional conservatism, nationalism geared up for four-year tug-of-war, with the president moderating

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