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US Forest Service should cancel irresponsible plan to clear 12,000 acres of Wisconsin forests

Logging mature growth section of Northwoods would have devastating ecological, cultural consequences

State of Wisconsin

A year of courage: Local, global allies continue support for Ukraine

'The victory of Ukraine will be the victory of every nation that values freedom and democracy,' Ukrainian activist says

State of Wisconsin

President Biden visits Madison area, addresses trade workers

Biden echoes State of Union address, highlights strength of US economy


Madison climate plan demonstrates need for local efforts to combat climate change

Cities, states must reduce dependence on federal funding to pursue impactful climate action

UW-Madison Campus

Peace talks unlikely in near future for Russia, Ukraine, UW expert says

Western nations must help stop this genocide, says UW expert Francine Hirsch

UW-Madison Campus

UW-Madison to comply with Biden’s latest vaccination order

Most faculty already on board with vaccination, political science professor says

State of Wisconsin

Bill would allow use of Open Enrollment, School Choice programs to avoid school COVID-19 mandates

UW political science professor says the bill could undermine the programs meant for impoverished

State of Wisconsin

Supreme Court ends eviction moratorium, local rental assistance still available

Supreme Court ends the CDC's eviction moratorium, making future of many renters uncertain

Pfizer Vaccine Delivery

Open COVID-19 vaccine eligibility unproductive, focus must be on currently eligible groups

A May 1 deadline of opening vaccine eligibility to all those over 16 in the U.S. will increase demand well before vaccine supply can catch up


Wisconsin, US must take action to protect those fleeing Hong Kong after electoral restrictions

China's new rulings regarding elections in Hong Kong threatens democracy, US must help political refugees

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