City of Madison

City Council rejects move to ban new alcohol licenses on campus

Research data pursued by city will be available within next few months


Don’t ignore the data — a drinking age of 21 is better for society

As fun as a lower drinking age would be, its likely harmful effects cannot be ignored

State of Wisconsin

Research on alcohol access finds no substantial support for arguments to lower legal drinking age

Research concludes reaching legal age increases binge drinking, risky behaviors


Madison finally gets coveted Dave & Buster’s location on west side

General manager Jim Schiavo breaks down what makes establishment so special


Spring Broke: Records to forget how much you spent living large in South Padre

Music to help ignore your responsibilities


Wisconsin in dire need of succinct, effective alcohol policy free from conflicts of interest

Proposed 'alcohol czar' legislation, although dead on arrival, sheds light on lack of understandable alcohol laws

City of Madison

City council overrides Soglin’s veto of ‘click and collect’ ordinance

Reconsideration of alcohol purchasing laws brings technology into question


Soglin should focus on promoting public health, safety laws instead of vetoing liquor license

By simply refusing to allow alcohol licenses for new business, Mayor Soglin hurts new businesses without solving greater issue

City of Madison

City Council discusses long-term solutions for consequences of notorious binge-drinking climate in Madison

Moratorium on alcohol licensing affects areas close to UW Campus


Medical amnesty laws endanger students

More lenient medical amnesty laws would allow students to get necessary help without worrying about their academic future