Perhaps one of the most notorious restaurant battles in the greater State Street area occurs between Chipotle and Qdoba, and one of the main arguments many people in favor of Qdoba will make is that it is open late. Timing is the quintessential issue regarding many downtown eateries, and Insomnia Cookies is no exception. Insomnia caters specifically to the ever-present late-night crowd, and its ideal location directly outside of Memorial Library makes it hard to miss or resist for students who just finished studying in the wee hours of the morning. Insomnia’s diverse menu ranges far beyond ordinary cookies to accommodate almost any sweet tooth: brownies, ice cream “cookiewiches” and milk are also offered. To top it all off, Insomnia offers a delivery service for those people who are too lazy, drunk or in any other state that inhibits their ability to walk to State Street, therefore solidifying Insomnia’s status as the best cookie location in Madison. When you buy Insomnia cookies, you buy more than a warm, decadent treat right out of the oven; you buy an experience. The age-old phrase that a person should never take candy from a stranger, let alone a stranger in a sketchy van, has thus been undermined by Insomnia’s signature ominous truck and blaring tunes. Whether you choose to buy a cookie, brownie, or any other product offered, Insomnia is always worth the risk.