Mediterranean Café is actually the best restaurant in the world. I know, it's hard to believe that the best restaurant in the world could actually be in little 'ol Madison, Wisconsin — but believe it. Or go there today and let the restaurant make you a believer. I must confess I don't stray too far from my order — a hummus plate with lamb and beef, with feta on the salad (and sometimes a side of rice) — but I'm not sure that matters. I've had many opportunities to test other dishes when others accompany me to Medcaf, and I haven't tried a dish I didn't like. I have two suggestions. First, ask for feta on your salad. That's a secret, so don't tell anybody. Second, try the soup over rice sometime. It's a budget meal — about $2, if I remember correctly — and it's delicious. The Medcaf rice is so good it's unbelievable. I actually toured an apartment above Med Café over the summer, but I didn't want to die of deliciousness poisoning so I moved in above Taco Bell instead. That's a true story. If you've never been, cancel any plans you have and go immediately. Try a shwarma plate (or a shwarma sandwich — but the plate is much more elaborate and comes with hummus) with either lamb and beef (amazing) or chicken. It's a great starter meal. As a footnote, watch for the "Spring Hours" Medcaf has maintained since winter break. In a truly distressing turn of events, they've started closing shop at 5 p.m. — and it's unclear why. An employee I spoke with said this break is only temporary but could not specify a timeframe for returning to normal hours. Make it quick, Med Café. Mediterranean Café: 331 votes Takara: 232 votes