Too many times, I have woken up disoriented and a little queasy, wondering what exactly had taken place the night before, only to realize I had spent my weekly grocery allotment on an overpriced feast of crummy takeout. Mornings after a trip to Ian's Pizza, however, the process of reconstructing the previous evening is a completely satisfying one. Not only do I remember the pizza as being delightfully tasty, I find I am very happy with my drunken self for making the fiscally responsible decision of eating at Ian's.

For most college students, consistently delicious and inexpensive pizza is an essential part of survival. With a wide variety of traditional, creative, and sometimes downright wacky pizza toppings, look no further than Ian's. There is something for every kind of preference. Feel like a burrito? What about a burrito … on a pizza!? Personally, nothing tastes better at 2 a.m. on a Friday morning than two slices of the classic mac-and-cheese. But the real magic of Ian's is the fact they won't take all of your precious booze money for a ticket to the deliciousness. At three bucks a slice — and a very generous slice at that — anyone can enjoy a delectable guilt-free meal during the day and into the wee hours of the night.

While it may be possible to survive on the Ian's menu alone, Potbelly Sandwich Works provides a scrumptious and inexpensive alternative. Quality ingredients served toasty and fresh also make Potbelly a great place to stop in between classes to fill up, without breaking the bank.

Ian's Pizza: 378 votes

Potbelly: 363 votes