Confessions of an Econ major: I can’t count

It's the longest (e)con in history....


A Swing State: During COVID-19, UW student groups change tactics to get youth out to vote

Groups like Badgers for Biden, Young Progressives use new methods to encourage collegiate voting


Football: How Baun, Taylor fit into new homes following 2020 NFL Draft

Both former Badgers will have ample opportunity to advance quickly as current roster members set to depart following 2020


Football: Reliving some of Camp Randall’s greatest moments

Fall fan experience at Camp Randall hangs in the balance as COVID-19 threatens continuation of competition

Women's Ice Hockey, 1/25
Women's Hockey

Women’s Hockey: Senior class departs, their lasting achievements will not

Even as collective final season comes to unfulfilling end, 2020 senior class has multiple contributions to be proud of

Video Games

Sports video games to try during quarantine

Even with nearly all sports cancelled indefinitely, there are still ways to get your daily sports fix in


A Battleground State: As Wisconsin’s primary looms near, ideological divides on left, unified support on right provides backdrop for 2020 election

As 2020 candidates are weeded out, those who remain fight to be their party nominee come November

Men's Basketball

Men’s Basketball: Could Badgers really have captured 2020 national title?

Introducing some anarchy into hypothetical 2020 outcomes leave Badgers in interesting position


Women’s Hockey: Kristen Campbell robbed of chance to properly conclude record-breaking collegiate career

Campbell's story is exemplary of all seniors across nation that lost their chance to have truly fulfilling finish to collegiate athletic career

Women's Ice Hockey, 1/25
Women's Hockey

Women’s Hockey: Tracking rapid rise of star sophomore Sophie Shirley

Since 2018-2019 championship season, Badgers have increasingly relied on offensive production from trio of Daryl Watts, Abby Roque, Sophie Shirley

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