From the Desk of the Editor: Finding purpose in accidents

To make a long story short, the Herald has been the source of my highest of highs and lowest of lows


From the Desk of the Editor: In a world of ‘fake news’ it’s on everyone to stay informed

Now more than ever, students on the left and the right need to be conscious media consumers


From the desk of the editor: The Badger Herald is returning to its roots

In a time when the integrity of journalism is called into question, it's on us to rise above doubt

UW-Madison Campus

UHS strives to address needs of students with mental health concerns despite being understaffed, underfunded

UW saw an 11 percent increase in clients seeking help for mental health related issues between the 2014 and 2015 academic year


From the desk of the editor: Let’s talk about mental health

It's time to talk openly and candidly about our unseen struggles


From the desk of the editor: Voting is a privilege not to be taken for granted

We as students cannot stay silent in this pivotal election


From the desk of the editor: Continuing The Badger Herald ‘experiment’

Fall 2016 will bring continued innovation, creativity, partnerships to Badger Herald


From the desk of the editor: Finding your place at UW

Navigating freshman year is hard, let The Badger Herald be your guide

City of Madison

Madison community continues to seek change on one-year anniversary of Tony Robinson’s death

As city still mourns loss of teenager, family urges cooperation to obtain justice

State of Wisconsin

Obama calls out Wisconsin Republicans over Affordable Care Act

President traveled to Milwaukee to congratulate city on winning White House competition

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