State of Wisconsin

UW System announces task force to combat statewide teacher shortages

Decline in enrollment, lack of certification amongst K-12 teachers is a focus

City of Madison

UW System rejects Madison charter school application due to site concerns

Site lacks access to green space, a key concern brought up by UW System president Ray Cross

State of Wisconsin

Wisconsin organizations increase lobbying spending by more than $7 million in 2018

Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce outranked all over organizations in spending

State of Wisconsin

Economic hardship and poverty still an issue in Wisconsin, report shows

While government programs work to lift some out of poverty, housing costs, food, health insurance coverage are still major issues

State of Wisconsin

Combatting racial disparity in education now priority for increasingly diverse state government

Worst state in nation for racial equality now has an increasingly diverse Legislature, racial disparity in education is their top priority

State of Wisconsin

In light of Foxconn suspension reports, here’s what you need to know

With politically fraught beginnings, tensions rise once more as Foxconn reevaluates $10 billion plant

State of Wisconsin

Evers’ cabinet picks receive praise for diversity, criticism for lack of rural representation

While cabinet features greater gender, racial representation, Republicans have criticized it for being mostly urban

State of Wisconsin

Wisconsin smoking rates above national average, while vaping rates on the rise

People are 'deeply misled' in believing vaping is a healthy alternative to smoking, expert said

State of Wisconsin

Study finds majority of low-income, SNAP-eligible students do not receive benefits

Government Accountability Office calls for better information about benefit guidelines to combat food insecurity on campus

State of Wisconsin

Evers delivers 2019 State of the State address to Wisconsin citizens

Evers reminds state legislators of power, responsibility, 'spirit of service'