New poll shows Trump’s approval ratings below 50% in Wisconsin

51% of Wisconsinites against Trump being removed from office, 59% disagree with Trump’s foreign policy, 65% say he’s not honest

State of Wisconsin

Hemp industry presents state farmers with new opportunities, yet calls for cautionary approach amongst growers

Monitoring plants, searching for markets helps mitigate such risk

State of Wisconsin

Wisconsin State Patrol looks to diversify nearly 90% white male state trooper force

Identifying people to serve in law enforcement 'a challenge,' DOT spokesperson said

State of Wisconsin

Gov. Evers issues first pardons in Wisconsin in nine years

The pardons show softening public views on drug charges, expert said

State of Wisconsin

Democrats to pursue key issues in fall Wisconsin legislative session

Democratic legislators to push legalizing marijuana, higher minimum wage, gun control, Medicaid expansion

State of Wisconsin

Medical marijuana bill to potentially bring medical, monetary benefit, affect arrests

The bill could produce net $1.1 billion positive effect, while potentially reducing opioid overdoses, addiction traffic fatalities over five years

State of Wisconsin

Wisconsin debate on legalizing sports gambling weighs economic benefits, addiction, changing state constitution

Wisconsin lawmakers open to idea

State of Wisconsin

Evers plans to veto Regents’ proposal on punishing UW free speech disruptions

Disrupting students could face suspension or expulsion from all UW schools under new proposal

State of Wisconsin

Bipartisan bill seeks legalization of medical marijuana

Co-introduced by two Democrats, one Republican, this is first bipartisan bill since 2001

State of Wisconsin

Wisconsin Science Festival returns for its ninth year

This year, science extends into realm of arts