Big Bads

Big Bads: ‘Grease 2’ is shockingly worse than its prequel

Now this opinion is a bit more universal, no?

Big Bads

Big Bads: ‘Grease’ is a classic example of a filmic atrocity

Will the obsession with this film ever die?


’13 Reasons Why’ illustrates dangers of bullying, unique perspective on suicide

The material can be hard to watch, but it's important


‘Samurai Jack’ makes momentous return

Get out your swords!

Big Bads

Big Bads: ‘Bratz’ movie is hilariously awful mess

Never again, please


Netflix series ‘Love’ returns with dramatic yet anti-climactic season 2

The first episode picks up right where the previous season left off — in a gas station parking lot

Big Bads

Big Bads: ‘The Wiz’ adaptation tarnishes Broadway classic

Through unexplainable plot changes, horrible directing, this movie adaptation proves disastrous


Classic comic gets a mature twist with new show on The CW

Network reboots a sexier take on the classic Archie comics


‘The OA’ delivers an all new type of television phenomenon

Netflix original series draws viewers in with its striking fantasy charm, refined writing


Oscar nominations more diverse than years past, continue to reward white mediocrity

2017's official nominations contain both hits and misses, but serve as a hopeful beacon for greater future representation