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UW-Madison Campus

LGBTQ+, GNC community sees bias incident ahead of conservative talk

Over 40 Matt Walsh event posters found covering hallways of Sterling Hall

UW-Madison Campus

UPDATED: Event featuring Ted Cruz moved to off campus due to UW’s mask policy

'If we are going to move forward together, we need to engage in respectful, deliberative dialogue,' UW journalism ethics expert says

UW-Madison Campus

Panel of diverse political perspectives discuss Green New Deal, issue of climate change

Members of student political organizations debated most effective means to combatting climate change

UW-Madison Campus

Speaker says intersectionality in feminism overgeneralizes groups, ignores individuality

Author, philosopher stresses that feminism is still necessary in countries lacking equal rights

UW-Madison Campus

YAF lecturer criticizes FDR’s New Deal, praises Wisconsin’s Depression-era conservatives

Burt Folsom discusses New Deal with fresh perspective

UW-Madison Campus

Author Andrew Klavan joins YAF for discussions of American freedom

Constitution is the way to keep freedom alive, Klavan says

UW-Madison Campus

Students, like legislators, still looking for solutions to gun violence

Student panel demonstrated how campus climate on gun control reflects national debate

UW-Madison Campus

Katie Pavlich discusses campus carry amid colorful protests

The contentious speaker was met with students wielding dildos, shouting 'cocks not glocks'

UW-Madison Campus

Student-led petition calls for Young Americans for Freedom to be denounced as hate group

Student Coalition for Progress also demanded YAF members go through 'intensive' diversity training

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