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Science News

Debunked: Is your period synched with your friends’?

'There just isn’t evidence to support that it is true,' experts say

UW-Madison Campus

UW professor receives Research Service Grant Award for project examining discrepancies in U.S. midwifery

“It really concerns me that that’s the case even within midwifery which does offer a really beautiful model but again is hampered by these exclusions still being perpetuated even with this potentially transformative model of care,” UW professor says


Confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett win for Trump campaign, may be turning point in election

Barrett's confirmation may swing election support towards Trump

UW-Madison Campus

United Nations’ Dane County Chapter presents gender equality program

UW's DiPetre Brown discusses 4W Initiative


The ramifications of anti-choice sentiment even further-reaching than it may seem

Gov. Evers vetoing bills limiting access to abortion is a good step but there's much more to do

UW-Madison Campus

UHS Women’s Health Clinic Director discusses efforts for increased access to reproductive healthcare

Mary Landry hopes for the same open-access idea in women's health that exists in the primary care clinic

State of Wisconsin

A closer look at Evers’ pledge to invest millions toward improving women’s health care

Proposal met backlash from Republicans as Evers announced to restore Planned Parenthood funding


Dense breast tissue law signifies progress for comprehensive women’s healthcare in Wisconsin

Requiring doctors to inform patients of dense breast tissue leads to earlier diagnosis


Women shouldn’t have to resort to second-rate options for comprehensive healthcare

Direct-to-consumer cancer screening exciting, but reveals shortcomings in women's healthcare access


Point Counterpoint: Planned Parenthood does not deserve America’s support

Taxpayers should not be subjected to supporting an organization that regularly claims innocent lives