Supreme Court’s Wisconsin redistricting ruling continues political suppression of Black voters

Affirmative redistricting could bring more equal political opportunities for marginalized voters

State of Wisconsin

Republican-drawn maps force Assembly candidate Syed Abbas to switch districts

Abbas will run in 46th district instead of original candidacy for 37th

State of Wisconsin

US Supreme Court rejects Wisconsin redistricting map

'This has created confusion and a lot of problems in a time where all eligible voters need to be able to exercise their right to vote,' Wisconsin State Assembly Member says


Evers approves new Wisconsin redistricting map

First map supported by both governor, Supreme Court

State of Wisconsin

Wisconsin Supreme Court considers charging trafficking victim who shot captor for homicide

'It’s a debate about how easily victims of human trafficking will be able to invoke self defense,' UW law expert says


Voting restriction efforts turn fundamental right into privilege

Recently proposed Republican election legislation limits accessibility, raises equity concerns

City of Madison

Absentee drop boxes will not be allowed in Wisconsin spring election

Voting restrictions disproportionately affect voters of color

State of Wisconsin

Appeals court halts Waukesha judge’s ruling against ballot drop off boxes weeks before primary

Drop off boxes will remain in place for February election, debate could affect November general election

State of Wisconsin

Courts likely to intervene in Wisconsin redistricting process, UW experts say

Maps have already come under criticism from Republicans, though drafts would preserve their advantage

Science News

Evers, businesses in conflict over employee COVID-19 information release

'It is much unusual to see the government being on the side of defending the release of information,' UW professor emeritus says

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