State of Wisconsin

Gov. Evers signs executive order suspending in-person voting

Evers' order moves in-person voting to June 9

State of Wisconsin

Evers creates independent redistricting commission via executive order

Gov. Evers is seeking to create alternative district map to one Republican-lead legislature will produce

State of Wisconsin

Assembly fails to override Gov. Evers’ veto on CNA legislation, training hours not reduced

Bipartisan effort to reduce CNA training hours to match federal rules, assembly sees current hours as excessive

State of Wisconsin

2018 Election: Here are the candidates running for public office in Wisconsin this year

Governorship, US Senate seat, entire US House delegation, half of state Senate, entire state Assembly on ballot this year

UW-Madison Campus

Rep. Chris Taylor calls for greater student involvement in policy debates

In collaboration with ASM, Rep. Chris Taylor produced list of ten things she said should protected on campus

State of Wisconsin

Gov. Walker sued over refusal to call special elections

Former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder filed lawsuit on behalf of Wisconsin Democrats

State of Wisconsin

Domestic abuse advocates concerned bill favors landlord rights over those of tenants

Proposal would limit number of days court can protect victims from eviction

State of Wisconsin

Republicans could push for further cuts to UW System budget in upcoming session

Students, faculty expected to fight against budget cuts

State of Wisconsin

Democrats seek to curb corruption in campaign coordination with new bill

Issue advertisements subtly advocate for certain candidates, but aren't part of official political campaign