UW-Madison Campus

Smart Cities Competition selects 14 UW Madison students as first round winners

Foxconn sponsored competition encourages technological innovation, collaboration

UW-Madison Campus

UW dairy researchers partner with Wisconsin cheesemaker to create award-winning cheese

Roelli Cheese Haus has been keeping up with overwhelming demand of cheese since 2016


UW Law School’s new program exemplifies Wisconsin Idea, will help victims of domestic violence

Mutually beneficial programs show why university's role should not be limited to campus


Balance between scientific, entrepreneurial research central to survival of Wisconsin Idea

Although entrepreneurial reserach is economically beneficial, overtly focusing on it stifles scienctific progress


UW researcher works to reduce malnutrition, food insecurity in Ethiopia

Project focused on implementing production of orange-flesh sweet potato in food-insecure Ethiopian populations


In spirit of Wisconsin Idea, students should attend political indoctrination lecture

To uphold message of Wisconsin Idea, students must be open to other perspectives, plain and simple

UW-Madison Campus

Undergraduates across all fields of study recognized for academic excellence

More than 140 people awarded at the ceremony

UW-Madison Campus

Experts say ‘diversity,’ ‘inclusion’ mean nothing when comes to real social change

Change has to come from everyone for it to be truly meaningful, panelists say

UW-Madison Campus

UW leads nation in top volunteer-producing universities

More than 3,000 alumni have volunteered for Peace Corps

UW-Madison Campus

University faculty consider new ways to fund humanities programs

Educational leaders explore models for financing studies