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Science News

‘The Weather Guys’ radio show provides answers about weather, climate

25-year-long radio show hosted by UW professors answers public’s weather-related questions


‘Sun violence’ incidences in Madison leave MPD strained for resources, unable to address actual problems

Sunburns affecting predominately white people enrage Wisconsinites

City of Madison

Reports label Madison climate sanctuary, but some scientists say Isthmus still faces climate challenges

'The Upper Midwest might be a little more naturally climate-resilient,' UW professor says

Science News

New app helps farmers, researchers track bee populations

The WiBee app allows for new data on pollination and conservation to be collected

State of Wisconsin

DNR issues Air Quality Alert for Wisconsin over the weekend

'Day-to-day changes in air pollution are strongly linked to wind patterns,' UW expert says

City of Madison

Climate change apparent in warmest, wettest decade ever recorded in Madison

Climate change experts said increased precipitation in the future is possible

State of Wisconsin

Meteotsunami forecasting efforts underway in light of recent research

Initiatives underway to develop, refine prediction strategies for storm events, further investigation needed


As UW’s buildings crumble, so might its reputation as a prestigious learning institution

After catastrophic flooding around campus, it is clear that UW must allocate more money to stronger infrastructure

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor: Unprecedented weather calls for innovative solutions

Experiencing effects of climate change should motivate UW to transition to renewable energy

UW-Madison Campus

UW faces backlash after holding classes despite citywide snow emergency

Piling snow, dropping temperatures spark safety, accessibility concerns among UW students

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