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Science News

Multiple sclerosis awareness month highlights need for more research, accommodations

UW Health professionals speak on current research, treatments surrounding multiple sclerosis

UW-Madison Campus

UW students celebrate Ramadan with support of campus organizations

Muslim Student Association, other campus organizations provide Iftar meal for students during Ramadan


Medical education must become more expansive for holistic patient care

New UW Health fellowship points to need for more specialized providers

UW-Madison Campus

UW joins Osher Collaborative to further integrative health program

UW-Madison one of 11 universities in Osher Collaborative


Wisconsin Supreme Court declines to hear UW Health nurse unions case in expedited manner

Court denies petition, UW Health looking for solutions


How pandemic has hurt mental health among Wisconsin youth

UW Health officials release troubling reports of increased suicidal thoughts, attempts among children under 14

City of Madison

WERC rules UW Health not required to recognize nurses’ union

Nurses will continue to unionize, appeal decision


The Badger Herald Editorial Board: Fall 2022 stories to watch

The Badger Herald Editorial Board recommends stories students on campus should be aware of for this semester

Science News

UW Health uses dogs to improve patient outcomes

Studies show facility, therapy dogs help hospital patients manage stressful situations 


Nurses’ agreement with UW Health leaves unionization unsettled

Better working conditions, union rights remain unresolved after recent agreement

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