UW-Madison Campus

SSFC votes to fund Campus Women’s Center for two years

SSFC also held eligibility hearing for MEChA, which promotes higher education, culture and history of Chicanx community on campus

State of Wisconsin

Health care coverage extended to transgender state employees after 5-4 vote by GIB

Longtime ban lifted, benefits for state employees will take effect Jan. 1, 2019

UW-Madison Campus

UW Health receives recognition for work promoting inclusive LGBTQ health care practices

Four criteria of assessment include LGBTQ Patient-Centered Care, LGBTQ Patient Services and Support, Employee Benefits and Policies, LGBTQ Patient and Community Engagement

UW-Madison Campus

UW Hospital extends window for reporting strokes

National studies show treatment for stroke sufferers is effective even after 24 hours


UW Health disregards student safety through employment of John Siebert

Sexual assault is inexcusable regardless of gender, position of power or skill


UW Health study disproves motorcycle misconceptions, prompts need for stricter safety regulations

Helmets decrease amount of neck injuries for motorcyclists, making people wonder why they are not madatory

UW-Madison Campus

UW plastic surgeon had medical license suspended in New York following inappropriate sexual encounter

John Siebert, hired by UW in 2011, attempts to be transparent about past

UW-Madison Campus

UW alumnus recognized as one of top 35 millennial influencers

Keven Stonewall uses his established platform to increase health literacy, wellness for all members of society

UW-Madison Campus

UW Health’s lupus clinic aims to help patients take control of their lives

To raise overall quality of life, pairing medical treatment with emotional, psychological support is crucial

UW-Madison Campus

UW Health calls attention to sustainability through recycled medical art

Biocap project depicts relationship between health care, environment, raises awareness about hidden waste