Municipal services deserve to thrive, but they can’t without proper funding

Gov. Evers' recent budget proposal addresses municipal finance issues, but not comprehensively enough

State of Wisconsin

Gov. Evers proposes state-run student loan refinancing system in new budget proposal

If passed, student loan borrowers can refinance student loans like they would a mortgage


Back to basics: Would a $15 minimum wage really benefit Wisconsinites?

Evers' proposal to increase minimum wage is not all its cracked up to be


A drawing lesson for Wisconsin politicians

Ahead of 2020 census, abolition of gerrymandering is important now more than ever for creation of fair districts

State of Wisconsin

Wisconsin joins lawsuit to block Title X changes that could defund Planned Parenthood

Twenty states, District of Columbia challenge Trump Administration's 'gag rule'

City of Madison

Livable, minimum wage debate continued after Evers’ proposal

New business is trying livable wage model


Marijuana legalization inevitable but will bring new economic, social challenges

Marijuana legalization will likely have similar socioeconomic effects to other vice industries, like alcohol and tobacco


Pardons bring the opportunity to reframe Wisconsin’s criminal justice system

In a complete 180 from the Walker Administration, Gov. Evers use of pardons increases focus on rehabilitation


Point Counterpoint: Evers must unfreeze voucher program to mend achievement gap

Studies have shown school choices addresses racial, socioeconomic disparities that create achievement gap


Gov. Evers must continue to defend in-state tuition freeze

The tuition freeze is one way the state legislature can check UW System spending and prevent inflated tuition prices