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Republican party faces critical losses, deep divide after 2022 midterms

Amid controversial Trump endorsements, Republicans across the country are divided

State of Wisconsin

Tony Evers wins Wisconsin gubernatorial race

Michels concedes, Evers to serve another term as Wisconsin governor


Live updates: Wisconsin 2022 midterm election results

Follow with The Badger Herald for updates on key Wisconsin races


Podcast: Republicans, Democrats debate Nov. 8 elections

Chairs of College Democrats and College Republicans debate issues such as weed legalization, abortion access, school choice

State of Wisconsin

Advocacy organizations name voting resources for students on Election Day

Groups offer support for students trying to make it to polls on Election Day


Religiously justified abortion policies blur line between church, state

Connecting legal precedents to religious views disregards secular Constitutional values

State of Wisconsin

Recent study shows youth vote critical to midterm election

'This is the most consequential election of our lifetime and we need some of the most powerful voices to step up,' Wisconsin Assembly Member says

State of Wisconsin

Mental health resources for K-12 schools at stake in governor’s race

‘Do you think we’ll hear a question asked in the senator’s race or the governor’s race debate about mental health?’ Wisconsin teacher asks


Point-counterpoint: Marijuana legalization in Wisconsin

Most Americans are interested in legalizing marijuana, but how to go about it?


Candidate cocktails: A taste of your 2022 candidates

From vodka to voting, your guide to drinking on Election Day

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