An unprecedented problem, student debt crisis will require innovative solutions

Lawmakers must be willing to think outside the box, consider all possibilities

UW-Madison Campus

Millennial Action Project hosts bipartisan discussion on financing higher education

Group hosted Rep. Amanda Stuck, D-Appleton, who said she believes bipartisan cooperation is still possible

City of Madison

Companies are attempting to recruit millennials by offering student loan repayment assistance

Madison-area company Esker announced their new employee benefit this month


Secretary DeVos does not care about your debt

With debt on the rise, DeVos's recent deregulation of loan corporations spell trouble for future graduates


Unpaid internships unjustly exploit college students

We have resumes to fill, but we also have student debt to pay — everyone should be compensated for labor

State of Wisconsin

Wisconsin Democrats propose bill to alleviate student debt

Legislators' proposal would form partly student-led body to develop loan program

UW-Madison Campus

New financial aid director hopes to make paying for college easier

UW will carry out more outreach toward students seeking aid

State of Wisconsin

Senate candidate Feingold highlights college affordability during UW move-in

Feingold also calls for community change following unrest in Milwaukee


Letter to the editor: What the College Republicans get wrong about the Higher Ed, Lower Debt bill