Mickey Mouse Degrees: Music majors have a larger workload than it seems

First article in new segment, Mickey Mouse Degrees, where music majors are analyzed for their intense workload


Stemming from a young age: Girls need role models in STEM fields

UW professor Ahna Skop was selected to be ambassador for AAAS, will likely be strong role model for women in STEM fields

UW-Madison Campus

Undergraduate Research Symposium offers chance for student researchers to learn, share discoveries

Students offered unique opportunity to share research in collaborative, appreciative environment


Money begets money: Increased funding for computer science will prove beneficial for Wisconsin

As universities struggle to keep up with increasing demand for computer science, government has a duty to fund these programs

UW-Madison Campus

Panel discusses barriers women, LGBTQ+ students face in STEM fields

Panelists say UW needs to take more direct action in supporting minority students in STEM fields

UW-Madison Campus

UW study explores impacts of mentoring for minorities, women in STEM fields

UW female mechanical engineering student emphasized importance of having a mentor in male-dominated field


Recognizing economic, gender disparities essential for equity in education

Interactions between gender, wage inequality show that pursuing one's dreams is privilege, not right


To combat low grade distributions, STEM courses should tweak their style

While STEM and humanities courses are fundamentally different, each can learn from the other

UW-Madison Campus

Goldwater scholar paves the way for women in STEM majors

Jewell's research can eliminate the amount of time computers take to model 'highly complex physics'

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UW researchers level up bias awareness through award-winning video game

Developers claim many people have 'mental lightbulb' go off after they play game

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