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Political parties branding elections on select issues has negative effects

Political branding overshadows other key election issues, deters voter mobilization


Senate republicans politicize Wisconsin higher ed by withholding confirmations of Board of Regents appointees

Partisan infiltration of Board confirmation process in the Wisconsin Senate risks politicizing educational institutions

State of Wisconsin

State senate passes new COVID-19 relief bill which could engage UW students in pandemic work

A portion of the bill allows UW students to fulfill classroom requirements through volunteer work

State of Wisconsin

Gerrymandered districts helped GOP stay in power in state legislature, new analysis shows

Current districts drawn in 2011 have kept Wisconsin GOP in control for last ten years, UW Political Science Professor says


The Badger Herald Editorial Board endorses Nada Elmikashfi for Wisconsin State Senate

Elmikashfi's experience, leadership, youth will grant fresh perspective within senate


State Senator Fred Risser announces retirement after 64 years

Rep. Chris Taylor also announced she will not be seeking reelection

State of Wisconsin

Bills that would aid Wisconsin homeless rely on state Senate

Nearly 5,000 people estimated homeless in 2018.


An age-old problem: Fred Risser, ageism and guaranteed reelection

Risser has energy, progressivism of his colleagues, but his history of uncontested races is strikingly undemocratic


Point Counterpoint: This November, vote Baldwin for a candidate who cares about Wisconsin’s future

Corporate interests, backwards attitudes toward policy make Vukmir, Nicholson unattractive options, Baldwin clearly fit to make Wisconsin thrive

State of Wisconsin

In a Republican-controlled state Legislature, black legislators struggle to achieve equal representation

Legislators say white representatives make major decisions without understanding how they affect inner city populations

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