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Democrats remain hopeful as UW Regent Bryan Steil announces bid for Ryan’s seat

One week after Ryan's announcement to not seek re-election, Steil announces candidacy


A eulogy for Paul Ryan’s political career

Even in retirement, Ryan lacked confidence to condemn Trump, take responsibility for Congress' impotence during tenure


Ryan’s deferential relationship with Trump dangerous to America’s political health

With reelection looming, it is unclear whether Ryan's relationship with president will help or hurt in polls


Paul Ryan doesn’t deserve criticism from members of his own party

As one of the most influential, successful members of Congress, Ryan is more than doing his job for the Republican party


Conspiracy unfolded: The Wisconsin Capitol is designed after Paul Ryan’s previously pierced nipples

The real question is, what were his motivations?


Paul Ryan is wrong to think Trump’s tweets don’t matter

Twitter, especially, is choice mode of communication for president-elect


Ryan has tough road to retaining speakership

In his support, nonsupport of Trump, Ryan has alienated his own party


Seemingly anticipating his own loss, Trump attempts to shift blame to Democrats, Paul Ryan

Though he is undermining himself at every turn, Republican presidential nominee can still fault Speaker for loss


Trump right, Ryan likely gearing up for 2020 presidential run

Advertisement, distance from Trump show Ryan is at least contemplating a campaign for the presidency


Ryan shows true leadership in denouncing Trump

Speaker of the house has taken first steps in redefining his political party

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