UW-Madison Campus

Student Council approves ASM internal budget of more than $1.2 million

Internal budget saw 7 percent reduction from last year

City of Madison

‘Education should be free’: Graduate students protest new segregated fee plan

Plan announced early this week makes graduate workers pay expensive fees before first paycheck

UW-Madison Campus

New UW policy that requires graduate students to pay segregated fees before first paycheck faces backlash

Policy places financial hardship on graduate students, Teaching Assistants Association says

Letter to the Editor

University segregated fees do not discriminate based on political affiliation

Attempts to undermine student organization funding process unnecessarily politicizes organizations

UW-Madison Campus

SSFC approves Wisconsin Union budget, which raises wages for student workers

Union predicts brief deficit this year, but expects profit following increased beer prices, heightened traffic

City of Madison

The semester that was: Catch up on the biggest news stories from this spring

From divestment to Tony Robinson's record settlement, this spring packed a punch

State of Wisconsin

Joint Finance Committee eliminates proposal allowing students to opt out of segregated fees

The committee identifies more than 80 non-fiscal items in Gov. Scott Walker's state budget

State of Wisconsin

UW System representatives express opposition to allocable fee opt-out proposal

Transportation to be greatly impacted if not removed from budget


Walker budget proposal hurts conservatives too

Removal of mandatory allocable segregated fees creates nothing but further resentment on campus


Point Counterpoint: Attack on allocable segregated fees will have dire consequences

Republicans' willingness to slash funding for vital student resources shows lack of concern for education