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UW-Madison Campus

Islamic STEM Association launches to empower Muslim students in STEM fields at UW

ISA to highlight intersections between STEM disciplines, Islam, organizers say

UW-Madison Campus

Albanian American Student Organization returns to campus

AASO president discusses organization's goals, plans for celebrations


Republican proposal preventing closure of places of worship in Wisconsin neglects separation between church and state

Wisconsin Republicans' proposal for preventing government closure of places of worship creates a large conflict with the separation between church and state

UW-Madison Campus

UW faces backlash for scheduling first day of school on Jewish holiday

Blank says first day of school cannot be moved, but reschedules convocation, other first day events to better accommodate the holiday

UW-Madison Campus

UW System academic calendar conflict with Rosh Hashanah speaks to larger institutional problems

Classes on six UW System campuses start Sept. 7 or 8, while Rosh Hashanah begins on the evening of Sept. 6, ends sundown Sept. 8.


Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays? Respecting all holidays is important this winter season

Recent declarations of a "War on Christmas" trivialize experiences of religious minorities, reveal privilege among Christians

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor: If UW cares about indigenous students, it must denounce TMT project, defend Mauna Kea

As a founding member of AURA, UW is in a uniquely powerful position to speak up for preservation of sacred indigenous land


Social media is ablaze about Notre Dame — but silent about destruction of mosques, black churches

Failure to give appropriate attention to destruction of other religious sites emblematic of extreme, pervasive white supremacy


Religious observance should not be inconvenience for non-Christian students

UW's Christian-centered calendar forces students of other faiths to choose between academics, religious observance

UW-Madison Campus

Madison-area faith leaders, social justice activists discuss place of religion in law

Groups disagreed on religion's role in government

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