Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays? Respecting all holidays is important this winter season

Recent declarations of a "War on Christmas" trivialize experiences of religious minorities, reveal privilege among Christians

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor: If UW cares about indigenous students, it must denounce TMT project, defend Mauna Kea

As a founding member of AURA, UW is in a uniquely powerful position to speak up for preservation of sacred indigenous land


Social media is ablaze about Notre Dame — but silent about destruction of mosques, black churches

Failure to give appropriate attention to destruction of other religious sites emblematic of extreme, pervasive white supremacy


Religious observance should not be inconvenience for non-Christian students

UW's Christian-centered calendar forces students of other faiths to choose between academics, religious observance

UW-Madison Campus

Madison-area faith leaders, social justice activists discuss place of religion in law

Groups disagreed on religion's role in government

UW-Madison Campus

Transcript: The Badger Herald sits down with Chancellor Rebecca Blank

Blank discusses free speech, campus safety, campus climate, religious diversity, Foxconn


Point Counterpoint: Freedom of religion includes freedom for conservative business owners

Tolerance must be extended to those who hold their businesses to ethical standards established by their higher power


Religious freedom for some means oppression for others

Separation of church and state cornerstone of American democracy, protects religious minorities

UW-Madison Campus

‘God wouldn’t want this’: Catholic apologist unveils 7 myths surrounding porn

Author Matt Fradd discussed issues with pornography industry, how to overcome addictions


In an increasingly hostile world, interfaith dialogue could be our saving grace

Participate in UW's first annual Interfaith Weekend to learn more about different faiths