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City of Madison

Community orgs work to support, uplift survivors for Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Events will continue to be organized for the month


Intersectionality in sexual assault: How race, gender identity and other factors impact sexual crimes

New AAU study reveals important results regarding sexual assault among minority students, poses a call to action

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor: UW recognizes need for sexual assault reporting software and is dedicated to supporting students

Administration officials provide context for decision to reject Callisto sexual assault reporting software in favor of more productive changes

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor: The normalization and romanticization of stalking does no one good

Society has a tendency to normalize stalking behaviors, but this issue must be accurately recognized and taken seriously


Sexual assault awareness speaker explains how rape reflects whose bodies are valued in society

After expulsion from Tufts University following her assault, Wagatwe Wanjuki advocates for survivors


‘What Were You Wearing?’ exhibit turns statistics of sexual assault into voices

Title IX Advisory Committee creates display in step with national campaign

UW-Madison Campus

Ending rape culture begins with believing victims, sexual assault survivor says

Kamillah Willingham, Sexual Assault Awareness Month key speaker, opened up about her sexual assault, poor handling of her case


Rape culture lives in all facets of society, not just college campuses

How CEOs and coaches perpetuate rape culture in all areas of society


Nasty women did not need your vote: Why I didn’t report my assault

In a world where rape culture lives in the Oval Office, no wonder I didn't want to report my assault


In case you forgot, rape culture prevails

At Liberty University, the "Christian life" apparently includes covering up sexual assault

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