Melania Trump’s campaign against cyberbullying is an outlandish farce

First Lady's fight against bullying is hypocritical in light of her husband's behavior


Trump’s first State of the Union address falls flat with false claims, lies

It is time to turn a critical eye inwards, ask ourselves if state of our nation is one we are proud of


Journalism education emphasizes transparency, ethics, accuracy, not deceit, bias

Suggesting that factual inaccuracies, bias rule journalism industry is preposterous


After Democrats fail Dreamers, Republicans must take initiative and save DACA

GOP has upper hand in fight for DACA, yet continue to drag their heels instead of making policy


DACA does not deserve to be used as bargaining chip during government shutdown

Democrats and Republicans alike are responsible and at fault for eventual fate of DACA


Widespread change takes place only when collective activism reigns

Staying politically is a worthwhile pursuit no matter one's profession


One year later, 2017 election still inspiring political activism

While Trump put us in America's darkest days, women strive for bright future


Point Counterpoint: Donald Trump is your president

Major political victories of the past year bring hope to those with conservative values on campus and beyond

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The semester that was: Catch up on the biggest news stories from this spring

From divestment to Tony Robinson's record settlement, this spring packed a punch

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Trump’s ‘erratic’ policies make future of Middle East uncertain, speaker says

Speaker thinks Trump's erratic behavior makes him unprofessional