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Science News

Renewable energy affects marginalized towns in Morocco

University of Kentucky anthropologist’s research aims to ‘democratize knowledge’ in affected towns

Science News

Road salt pollution negatively affects freshwater environments

Years of too much road salt leaves freshwater lakes, streams impaired

Science News

UN Environment Programme director discusses impact of plastic pollution

Plastic pollution harms human health, oxygen, oceans


How Badgers can buy a greener future

Students should change their consumption habits to support environmentally friendly corporations

Science News

The Lab Report: When fungi become less fun

Students working in Pringle lab study the threat of deadly mushroom, impact of nitrogen poisoning

City of Madison

City of Madison sees increase in recycling, as well as contaminated recycling

Unrecyclable materials mixing with recyclable materials causes contaminated recycling to be sent to waste

State of Wisconsin

DNR issues Air Quality Alert for Wisconsin over the weekend

'Day-to-day changes in air pollution are strongly linked to wind patterns,' UW expert says

State of Wisconsin

WEC proposes largest solar battery storage project in state

'This first large battery is an important step,' UW expert says

COVID-19, COVID19, Coronavirus, UW Madison

Environmental lessons we should pick up from pandemic

US must take look at what can be learned from COVID-19, how to practice those lessons in fight against climate change

UW-Madison Campus

Cohort calls on UW to be more salt sustainable

Last year, UW used enough salt to fill 60% of Camp Randall

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