Rush for Republican tax overhaul created ambiguous policy that hurts businesses

Win in partisan fighting only benefits party, not constituents


Wave of women candidates marks historic shift in political culture

As consequence of Trump Administration's problematic policies, more women are currently running for office than ever before


Protest culture essential to roots of democracy, both home, abroad

Fighting for justice integral to fabric of any nation, citizens must ensure government works in their collective favor


Wisconsin in dire need of succinct, effective alcohol policy free from conflicts of interest

Proposed 'alcohol czar' legislation, although dead on arrival, sheds light on lack of understandable alcohol laws


College students must forge personal political ideals, rather than perpetuating parents’ beliefs

Through variety of student organizations at UW, students must take time to explore, refine political beliefs


Russian interference can be blamed for Trump, but American politicians responsible for rest of nation’s problem

Continuing to use Russian interference as scapegoat keeps us buried in oppressive, twisted policies


Complexity of family life: A masterpiece

Noël Ash balances being a student, mother of three


Improved gun control policy desperately needed after Florida high school shooting

Although political talk seems terse, debate and policy central to honoring victims


Walker’s crusade against need-based aid bolstered by new requirements for Medicaid recipients

Unwillingness to expand eligibility defeats purpose of program


To hold politicians accountable for sexual assault, settlement transparency crucial

Keeping hush money records confidential only perpetuates a culture of secrecy and dominance