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State of Wisconsin

Planned Parenthood urges Wisconsin Supreme Court to overturn 1849 abortion ban

Petition complements September ruling allowing abortion services in Wisconsin, Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin says

State of Wisconsin

Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin workers vote to unionize

Unionization rooted in strengthening Planned Parenthood, union executive director says

City of Madison

Community leaders hold speak out in support of reproductive rights, urge support

Speakers emphasize importance for reproductive rights in Madison, across world


Hooked Up: College students navigate social pressure to participate in casual sex

Sexual education about consent, safety is essential for student wellbeing

State of Wisconsin

Wisconsin Attorney General joins multistate coalition to preserve abortion pill access

Democratic attorneys general attempt to stay decision by Texas judge

State of Wisconsin

Planned Parenthood Wisconsin to expand men’s reproductive health care services

'We want all people to have access to as many safe, affordable, acceptable contraceptive tools as possible,' UW CORE director says

State of Wisconsin

Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin increases birth control, family planning services

“Preventing unintended pregnancy is of the utmost importance in this moment," Planned Parenthood spokesperson says

State of Wisconsin

UPDATED: Legality of abortion uncertain after U.S. Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade

Wisconsin Planned Parenthood temporarily suspends abortion services in response to Supreme Court ruling

UW-Madison Campus

ACLU Student Alliance discusses Black women’s reproductive rights issues

‘As of 1965, women of color were the most likely to die from illegal abortions,’ ACLU Student Alliance member says

UW-Madison Campus

Two steps forward, three steps back: Some fear for the future of the right to choose

Wisconsin experts, citizens reflect on what's next for abortion rights in the Badger state following Texas's new abortion laws

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