Women shouldn’t have to resort to second-rate options for comprehensive healthcare

Direct-to-consumer cancer screening exciting, but reveals shortcomings in women's healthcare access


Point Counterpoint: Defunding Planned Parenthood attacks every American

Valuable health resource acts as more than just a clinic offering abortions — which are not federally-funded anyway


Point Counterpoint: Planned Parenthood does not deserve America’s support

Taxpayers should not be subjected to supporting an organization that regularly claims innocent lives

State of Wisconsin

Senate health committee approves bill prohibiting UW abortions

Bill passed in 3-2 vote with both Democrats voted against proposal


Legislation limiting abortion training on campus latest in GOP attack on health

Factual inaccuracies make justifying this legislation nearly impossible

UW-Madison Campus

Medical professionals, advocates highlight difficulties of providing abortion training, services

Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin's Nicole Safar said it is difficult to attain abortions in Wisconsin


Nasty Women Reading empowers, celebrates

Organization places focus on women's voices, experiences in upcoming event


Mandatory paid maternity not a revolutionary idea, but necessary nevertheless

Trump's proposal a step in the right direction for mothers who deserved paid maternity leave years ago


Point Counterpoint: The only catastrophe related to ACA would be repealing it

Republicans blind hatred of 'Obamacare' is not rooted in fact, endangers American lives


If the GOP wants to defund Planned Parenthood, they need to explain all their anti-life legislation

Hypocritical to oppose abortion based on pro-life values, while advocating policies which harm women, minorities