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Who’s worse for women than Trump? His running mate.

Vice President-elect has spent his entire career defunding Planned Parenthood, restricting woman's right to choose

Hump Day

Hump day: Protecting sexual health during Trump presidency

Commentary on birth control, LGBTQ* rights, Planned Parenthood

State of Wisconsin

Obama’s moves to protect Planned Parenthood will not impact Wisconsin

Pro-life advocates said Republican President, stronger Republican control will push pro-life goals forward

State of Wisconsin

Legislation banning state funds from going toward abortion forces many women to pay for procedure out-of-pocket

As Wisconsin’s abortion clinics close, more than 65 percent of the state’s women are left without an option to end their pregnancies in their county

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State of Wisconsin

Why does Wisconsin’s abortion rate keep dropping?

Pro-life, pro-choice organizations discuss causes, implications of recent statistic

marissa - planned parent hood
State of Wisconsin

State to pay Planned Parenthood for admitting privileges case

$1.6 million in taxpayer money will go toward paying for Planned Parenthood's legal fees


Editorial Board’s stories to watch fall 2016

The Badger Herald Editorial Board deemed the following stories important to watch throughout the semester. We all must continue #TheRealUW Minority students on campus

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State of Wisconsin

Wisconsin now has only two Planned Parenthood abortion clinics

Planned Parenthood closed an Appleton location after it failed to pass a safety assessment

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