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New Chicano/a and Latino/a major program could improve cultural consciousness

UW's new major program has potential to benefit students from all backgrounds, areas of study

Science News

Science Magazine editor-in-chief on how science ‘lost’ America, how to gain it back

Politicization of science is ideological debate about government regulation, Thorp says


Milwaukee census undercounts pose issues for representation

In disputing 2020 Census counts, City of Milwaukee seeks recounts for marginalized populations


Communities of color face particular lack of welfare infrastructure amid rising mental health crisis

Multiple steps need to be taken to create more inclusive mental health care system


UW System’s treatment of free speech survey indicates hesitancy toward open learning environments

UW-Whitewater interim president Jim Henderson resigns over proposed free speech survey, but UW System must consider implications of delaying survey


Partisan polarization threatens meaningful classroom engagement

Classrooms dominated by political biases prevent constructive student discussion, learning


Polarizing media trends should be considered main reason for increased youth voter turnout

Phenomena like spiral of silence, game framing may have contributed to changes in voter participation


Don’t let unjustified skepticism stop you from getting COVID-19 booster

With FDA's recent authorization of all three COVID-19 vaccine boosters, UW students, faculty should get vaccine to save lives

Letter to the Editor

Interpretation of religious texts must be left to dedicated scholars

Islam cannot be judged by biased set of hands cherry-picking facts to further a hateful agenda

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