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State of Wisconsin

Wisconsin DNR releases 2023 Air Quality Trends Report

Science News

NASA astronomer speaks on James Webb Telescope, successes since launch

Work of 20,000 scientists is revolutionizing astronomy, NASA astronomer says

Science News

The Lab Report: How past life could predict otherworldly life

Kaçar lab ‘resurrects ancestral genes’ through interdisciplinary science

Science News

‘Year in Space’: Astronaut Scott Kelly shares his story at Memorial Union

Kelly speaks about 340-day space mission, study involvement

Science News

How women changed the game of community in STEM

National organization supporting thousands of women co-founded by UW professor

Science News

UW collaborates with NASA to launch small satellites, collect unprecedented data

Measurements may prompt new discoveries, more research, student involvement

Science News

What the James Webb Space Telescope can offer us over next five years

After decades of planning, innovation, the world's largest space telescope is nearing operation

UW-Madison Campus

Astronaut, physician, engineer Mae Jemison interprets MLK’s legacy

Jemison encourages audience to use their talents to for positive social change

UW-Madison Campus

NASA scientist reports that moon has always had atmosphere

Oliversen cited beliefs of moon having atmosphere dating back to first century A.D.

UW-Madison Campus

NASA astronaut draws on outer space experiences to inform approach to real world

Astronaut Gregory Harbaugh said he could see oil fields burning in Kuwait shortly after Gulf War

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