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UW-Madison Campus

Dr. Sarah Nolan presents on approaches to mental health issues on campus

Presentation outlines current state of mental health on campus, shares comprehensive care approaches

UW-Madison Campus

UHS presents budget to SSFC, committee votes on RecWell budget

UHS reports high student approval of services


The Badger Herald Editorial Board: Six issues our next chancellor can’t afford to ignore

As UW prepares to welcome a new chancellor, The Badger Herald Editorial Board outlines key concerns UW's next leader must address to succeed in the job

UW-Madison Campus

Inaugural Mental Health & Wellbeing Summit, week of care seeks to boost students’ mental health

'We’re navigating a challenging time right now, so anything we can do to support our students [is a priority],' Dean of Students says

UW-Madison Campus

Mental health workers, students work to manage mental health during COVID-19 pandemic

UHS overcomes barriers to providing out-of-state students with mental health services

UW-Madison Campus

Student’s experience prompts UHS to examine police hospital transport process

'This is only the first step of many, but it is certainly a good foot for the university to start on,' BIPOCatwisco Instagram account founder said

City of Madison

Dane County rolls out new initiatives for increased access to mental health services

'The situation for youth mental health is actually worse than for adult mental health,' NAMI director says

UW-Madison Campus

SSFC proposes budget funding rule changes

SSFC also discussed proposed mental health advisory board

UW-Madison Campus

ASM hears UHS presentations on coronavirus discrimination concerns, mental health protocol

'We know that culturally [wearing a mask] is very acceptable in many places and we don’t want to draw conclusions about someone who does that,' UHS representative says

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