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UW-Madison Campus

NBC correspondent Pete Williams discusses time covering Supreme Court

Center for Journalism Ethics hosts Williams at Memorial Union

Science News

From Sheldon to Shuri: Changing portrayals of scientists in media

Observing changing status of fictional scientists, communication for real scientists in media over time

Science News

Media institutions have been complicit in climate-related misinformation, journalist says

Both historically, today, public relations campaigns by Big Oil have perpetuated damage to workers, environment


An argument for physical over digital media

While our entertainment is primarily digital, many physical forms with better quality are slept on


Six things to binge during quarantine

Movies, TV shows, music to check out during coronavirus quarantine


Presence of fake news on social media hikes need for pure, truthful journalism

Speech at Anti-Defamation League explores harms of fake news gaining traction in media


Staying informed is important — but not always financially feasible

Though news organizations need financial stability of subscriptions, we must recognize inequalities in awareness created by financial barriers


When we’re the problem: On news consumption, misinformation and accountability

We live in an era where news comes at us like rapid fire. Don't let that stop you from playing an active role in your media consumption.


On media violence and the truths we don’t tell

A reflection on broken stories and how we can fix them


From the desk of the editor: Publications strive their best to fight ‘fake news’ — news consumers should too

Those who do not take time to fact check stories they're sharing are just as complicit in the epidemic of 'fake news'

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