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The Badger Herald Editorial Board endorses Mayor Rhodes-Conway for second term

Rhodes-Conway's policy-driven platform represents hopeful future for equity, improvement


Police officer shortage amid violent crime crisis demands law enforcement reform

Reallocation of funding, responsibilities would alleviate officer workload, benefit communities


Law enforcement must take a backseat in Wisconsin’s response to opioid crisis

Wisconsin budget-writing committee shifts funds away from tribal nations, community solutions to opioid crisis

State of Wisconsin

Wisconsin Suicide and Crisis Lifeline implements 988 hotline number

Wisconsinites can now call, text or online message 988 for crisis resources


Rising Madison gun violence requires new public safety approach

Madison should focus on de-escalation techniques for MPD, providing substantial rehabilitation programs for citizens

City of Madison

UWPD, MPD pledge to bring more women into law enforcement with 30×30 Pledge

30x30 Pledge aims for women to represent 30% of their police recruiting classes by 2030


Wisconsin must allocate more funding to public defenders in effort to reform criminal justice system

Many have suffered consequences of lacking public defenders, US needs to ensure this is no longer issue


Badger Herald Editorial Board: Madison’s identity as sanctuary city should never be threatened

Voting down bill proposed to roll back city's policies on undocumented immigrants an important progressive measure


Police violence is gun violence too

In light of recent protests for increased gun reform, senseless violence by officers has been neglected

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor: As first responders work down south, first responders at home should be appreciated

Law enforcement, other public workers should be appreciated, thanked for the work they do