Institutionalized Islamophobia: UW fails to recognize Ramadan

UW's lack of administrative, structural support for Muslim students makes it more difficult for them to observe Ramadan

State of Wisconsin

‘When I’m sleeping I see everything’: Taliban resurgence in Afghanistan makes its mark on Wisconsin

Thousands of Afghan refugees and their relatives carry the pain of the Kabul Airport evacuation, resurgent Taliban rule 

Letter to the Editor

Interpretation of religious texts must be left to dedicated scholars

Islam cannot be judged by biased set of hands cherry-picking facts to further a hateful agenda


‘It’s my opinion’ is no acceptable excuse for intolerance

Newspapers must take care to only publish columns worthy of a platform, which inspire productive dialogue

UW-Madison Campus

Openly gay Muslim leader shares life story, hopes to change perceptions of identity

People do not challenge institutions on issues of sexuality, religion, Daayiee Abdullah says

UW-Madison Campus

Experts strategize efforts to combat Islamophobia

UW students seek help relating to fellow students, community members


Letter to the editor: Reclaiming our identities as Muslim-Americans

Even though media choose to ignore our humanity in favor of sensationalism, we are much more than the subject of policy

UW-Madison Campus

ASM committee grants Muslim Students Association access to funds

Student Judiciary also applied for eligibility


Believe it or not, you can be American and Muslim at the same time

Tension for American-Muslims as Eid and 9/11 collide exposes fragility of American freedom of religion

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