Point Counterpoint: Make America a nation of immigrants again

Trump's policy on refugees is a thinly veiled attempt at discrimination and bigotry

City of Madison

Dane County Board carves path for undocumented immigrants hoping to become citizens

Many organizations have spoken in favor of an immigration assistance fund resolution


‘Somebody else’s babies’ helped form this nation

U.S. Rep. Steve King rightfully condemned for his hateful calls to homogenize America

City of Madison

Dane County Board moves to amend ordinance to protect immigrant community

Supervisors also approve resolution to receive $50,000 grant for restorative justice program

UW-Madison Campus

Not a black and white issue: Expert says attitudes toward immigration varies among racial groups

Natalie Masuoka discussed how identity played into win for President Donald Trump


Anti-immigrant Americans need to remember why St. Patrick’s Day exists

Treatment of Irish immigrants in America during the 19th and 20th century remains remarkably relevant in today's political culture

Letter to the Editor

Dear Ron Johnson: Do your job and stand up to Trump’s revised travel ban

Trump's second travel ban is no less hateful than the first

UW-Madison Campus

Visiting German professor talks perceptions of Muslims, refugee crisis in her home country

Naika Foroutan discussed how public opinion, concrete data differed


Conversation Starter: UW grad student shares stories of immigration through art installment

Exhibit runs until Feb. 23

City of Madison

Madison leaders call new immigration executive order unconstitutional

Mayor Paul Soglin says 'We are not going to operate on anything other than our Constitution and our own good will'